The Nose, Knows – Do Women Really Have a Better Sense of Smell Than Men?

As the traveling Manufacturer’s Rep for the 360 Siphon, I get to meet and talk with a lot of RV owners.  It always puts a smile on my face when I ask a husband and wife if their RV has bathroom odors.  Without fail, the guy always shakes his head “No”, and the woman shakes her head “Yes”.  Then they look at each other in disbelief and disagreement, and that’s when things get verbal.  To avoid this situation, I’ve learned to interrupt them with a few questions so that the woman can describe the problem, and the guy can say that the problem doesn’t exist.  After I explain to them why the RV odor problem is so common, and then show them an affordable and guaranteed solution, they both agree to buy the 360 Siphon, and just solve the problem.

After watching this family drama play out more than a few times, I got curious.  So using the Internet I posed the question, “who has a better sense of smell?” I was surprised to find that several clinical studies agree that “women have a better sense of smell than men”.  The simple truth is, she can smell the odors that he can’t.

Holding tank odors contain a toxic gas called Hydrogen Sulfide that can make you sick with symptoms ranging from subtle to serious.  This gas is a natural product of waste materials being broken down, and exists in all RV holding tanks.  Digesters and Deodorizers may mask the offensive odor, but they were never intended to address the dangerous effects of Hydrogen Sulfide.  The 360 Siphon simply replaces your existing roof vent cap and uses natural outside air movement to create an updraft that removes both odors and Hydrogen Sulfide, from your holding tank before they enter your living area.  Like I’ve said many times before, “if you can smell holding tank odors, your breathing Hydrogen Sulfide”.

My final point is that if the woman says she can smell RV holding tank odors, she probably can.  So guys, do the smart thing and simply replace your existing Vent Caps with the 360 Siphon and rid your RV of holding tank odors and the dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide poisoning.  Keep your RV adventure both pleasant and healthy.  We can’t always rely on electronic sensors and alarms to warn us of problems.  Sometimes you just gotta trust your Nose.

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  1. ritarita07-25-2013

    I have been trying to tell my Husband this for 40 years.

    • johnjohn07-25-2013

      Hi Rita, Until I did this research, I wouldn’t have believed you either. Now I know better and I give credit where it’s due. Thanks for the reply. John

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