Why RV Dealers REALLY Like Selling You Chemicals

If you’ve read my other Articles, you know that I live by the motto “Do it right the first time, so you never have to do it over again”. I’ve always felt that re-doing anything is just an unnecessary waste of Time, Energy and Money.

I used this same logic back in 2008 when the holding tank odors in my first RV were so strong they were making me sick. I searched the Internet and learned about sewer gas and Hydrogen Sulfide. I also learned that making the sewer gas smell better with deodorizers was not the answer. The solution is to remove the odor and gases up and out the stack pipe thru the roof, similar to venting smoke from a wood burning stove or fireplace.

When I compared the different fume extractors I found the 360 Siphon to be the logical choice. Yes, it costs more than the others, but it also out performs them. It’s made of Polycarbonate Plastic with UV inhibitors to make it last for years, it has no moving parts that can fail, it has a very low profile to avoid damage, it eliminates the need for holding tank chemicals, and it has 3 patents to ensure it performs as claimed. It doesn’t just treat the odor problem, it solves it. All this for around $30 each, and it quickly pays for itself in chemical cost savings.

After replacing my original vent caps with the 360 Siphon, I never again had odors, I never again used chemicals and I never needed to replace them. It’s a great example of “Do it right the first time, and never do it over again”.

Sadly, not everyone wants to solve this problem because they make more money just treating it, at your expense. Recently, I spoke with the owner of a large RV Dealership. I told him about how the 360 Siphon permanently solves the RV holding tank odor problem, and how it could save his customers a lot of money and inconvenience. His response was very direct, “We sell holding tank spray systems, we steam clean holding tanks, and we sell lots of chemicals, that’s it”.

I talked with another man that owned of a mobile RV repair business. His response was even more direct when he said “I make a lot of money selling the same chemicals to the same customers, over and over again. Why would I give up all that Repeat Revenue for a one-time, permanent solution? Do the math”.

Now folks, it’s your turn to “do the math”. You can permanently solve your RV odor problems with a one-time purchase of the 360 Siphon, or you can continue to be “Repeat Revenue” for your local RV Parts & Service Dealer. It’s your choice.

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