Is Your RV Making You SICK? Causes, Symptoms & Solution

This is going to be a serious discussion about the serious problem of the Holding Tank gas known as Hydrogen Sulfide.  Every RV Holding Tank has this gas.  It’s the result of bacterial breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen.  It is highly toxic, flammable, slightly heavier than air and smells like rotten eggs.  It quickly deadens the sense of smell leaving the person unaware of its presence.  It’s a Broad-Spectrum Poison that most often affects the Central Nervous System.  Symptoms range from mild to severe depending on concentration and exposure time. Children experience more severe symptoms than adults under similar conditions.

Prolonged exposure to Low or Moderate levels of Hydrogen Sulfide may result in the following:  Skin irritation, shortness of breath, irritability, poor balance, poor memory, confusion, eye irritation, sore throat and cough, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, nasal and lung congestion, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

Exposure to High and Lethal levels of Hydrogen Sulfide can cause difficulty with breathing, low blood pressure, blurred vision, unconsciousness, convulsions, seizures, and coma.  Prolonged exposure at these levels can cause respiratory paralysis and death in as little as 30 minutes.

Fortunately the level of Hydrogen Sulfide in RVs seldom exceeds the Low to Moderate level, but it makes me wonder just how many RVers are unnecessarily experiencing nagging health issues that are being misdiagnosed and mistreated with expensive drugs that include their own unwanted side effects and problems.  If you can smell Holding Tank odors, even deodorizers, you’re breathing Hydrogen Sulfide.  Remember, the unpleasant odors are the least of your problems.  The real danger here is what the Hydrogen Sulfide exposure is doing to your health.

The 360 Siphon helps protect you from this serious health problem by creating an updraft that removes odors, carbon dioxide and Hydrogen Sulfide from the Holding Tank, and replaces them with fresh oxygen.  By increasing the oxygen level in the Holding Tank, it assists the digestive enzymes that breakdown the waste material, thus reducing the amount of Hydrogen Sulfide that is produced.

A one-time investment of 360 Siphons for your RV will permanently protect you and your family from this serious problem, and keep you all healthy, safe and having fun.

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  1. MelanieMelanie03-17-2013

    Great article, very informative! Of course we all know the odors can be unpleasant in any bathroom, not just RV’s. I had no idea though of all the symptoms and illnesses that could be contributed to the odorous gas known as (Hydrogen Sulfide) . Thanks to 360 Siphon there is a fix to this problem !

  2. MeganMegan02-26-2016

    Hi. I’ve been in my 32’RV. for a little over a month, and for the last week have had many of the symptoms addressed in the “RV making you sick” post. Where or who do I talk to about getting this checked and or fixed? The both of us here are sick..and just had an issue with the black tank. I live in Mays Landing NJ, am new to this whole RV living experience…and not feeling too well about it! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

    • Bob CravensBob Cravens02-29-2016

      Hi Megan,

      It sounds like a case of improper venting to me. Since you are new at RV’ing I sent a note to your email with my phone number so we could discuss a little more in detail what is happening and the conditions you have at your current site.


      Bob Cravens

  3. MarshaMarsha08-15-2016

    I have had just about every symptom listed and we have that smell real strong just flushed out the toilet yesterday so I was wondering how long it takes before I start feeling better thank you

    • Bob CravensBob Cravens08-15-2016

      Hi Linda,

      After installing the Siphon the smell usually goes away pretty rapidly. The Siphon’s design makes it only able to draw fumes and gasses from the tank and not permit outside air turbulence to send them back into your living space. If it’s more than a day you many want to call me to see if there might be other problems complicating the flow of air from the tank to the top of the roof vent.

      503 559-8094 Pacific Time Zone

  4. NicoleNicole09-17-2016

    Just came across this post while trying to figure out why I’m so sick. Feels like pneumonia but chest xrays were negative. Been noticing a nasty smell under the kitchen sink and in bathrooms for a while now (mostly under sink though) and our H2S alarm had been sporadically going off. Thought it was hubs cologne since we don’t use propane. In researching the symptoms, this sounds very likely. Bad lung and nasal congestion, low pulse ox, fast pulse and bad cough…Been sick 8 days now. Dr put me on antibiotics anyways. Guess I should have mentioned I live FT in an RV. How do I stop it from coming in?? Help!

    • Bob CravensBob Cravens09-22-2016

      Hi Nicole,

      I’m no doctor but can only comment on the RV side of it. If you have a medical condition it may be more than your RV that’s the problem. If you have a high pressure build up in your holding tanks and insufficient oxygen to break down waste aerobically, you probably have Hydrogen Sulfide being created. For a reference point it smells like rotten eggs. The 360 Siphon is meant to exhaust the holding tank gasses so that doesn’t happen and it won’t let fumes from the tanks back into your RV. Hope this info helps some. You can go to the site for more info on the product and how it works for RV use.



  5. Sara polleySara polley05-02-2017

    I think I have hydrogen sulphide poisining or whatever you’d call it I have been spending the nights in my dads trailer first I got a cough and yesterday didn’t feel well now I don’t feel well and throwing up what do I do to get rid of this

    • Bob CravensBob Cravens05-02-2017

      Hi Sara,

      Did you read the response to Nicole on the similar problem you are having? I’m no doctor but can only tell you if the gasses from the RV holding tanks are not exhausting properly then it could be the problem. Again, I’m not there to experience it so it’s just a guess. Most of the time the installation of the 360 Siphon will cure the problem of gasses leaking inside the RV through faulty toilet seals etc. If not then there are other issues to look for that are preventing the gasses from exhausting properly. Ours is a simple solution that eliminates one possible problem. I would suggest you talk to a certified RV technician. I am available for comment if I can help.


  6. LauraLaura09-12-2017

    How and where would I get this? I just know I am going through this right now.

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