Instant Results – A Real Life Story From a Customer

The Arizona sun can be both beautiful and brutal, and can turn the nicest RV into a rolling oven.  Recently I decided to have some extra awnings made for my RV and met with Robert, a local upholsterer, to look at my options.

As we talked, he noticed the signage on my van that stated “Ask Me About My Odor Free RV”.  He told me that over the last year his RV started having problems with holding tank odors and nothing he did seemed to help.

I brought out the sample 360 Siphon I use for Show and Tell, and explained how and why it works.   Although he was still skeptical, he agreed to buy one and try it out.  Several days later he called me and said he wanted to buy a second one for his gray water tank. When I asked him what had convinced him, he simply said “You can’t argue with Instant Results”, and then told me the following story.

He’d climbed up on the roof of his RV the following morning, with the temperature in the mid 70’s and a gentle breeze.  After he removed the original vent cap he was surprised that he couldn’t smell any odors.  It even occurred to him that the stack pipe might be blocked.

He then placed the 360 Siphon over the stack pipe to measure how much needed to be cut off.  Almost immediately, and much to his surprise, the air around him was filled with holding tank odors.  After marking the vent pipe for cutting, he removed the 360 Siphon, and the odors quickly faded away.  He then cut the stack pipe, and before he could complete the installation of the 360 Siphon, holding tank odors, once again, filled the air.  After telling me this, I understood what he meant when he said “You can’t argue with Instant Results”.

The 360 Siphon uses outside air movement to create an updraft that removes RV Holding Tank odors and toxic gases before they can enter your living space.  It’s made of high quality Polycarbonate plastic with UV inhibitors. It requires no maintenance, it has no moving parts to wear out, it has a low profile to avoid damage, and has 3 patents guaranteeing it performs as we claim.  You can now solve your RV odor problems with simple air movement and without chemicals.  Install a 360 Siphon on your RVand experience your own Instant Results.

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