Complex Yet Simple – Appearances are Deceiving, Learn Why

As the Manufacturer’s Rep for the 360 Siphon, it’s my job to meet and talk with anyone who is interested or involved with RVing.  I have signage on my van to let people know about our product, and to invite them to say Hello and ask questions.  Because of this I’ve met and talked with some really great folks.

Recently a man approached me in an RV Park and asked me about the 360 Siphon.  He and his family have been RVing for the past six years and have begun noticing an increasing problem with bathroom odors.  He told me that although the Holding Tank Deodorizers make the odors less offensive, he doesn’t like smelling the deodorizers.  He even speculated that the odors may be the cause of his recurring headaches, and asked me if I could help him.

I handed him a 360 Siphon that I keep for show and tell. As he examined it, I explained how and why it worked, and that three patents prove it does what we claim. As I talked, he kept turning the Siphon over and over in his hands, looking at it from every angle, and intensely evaluating it. Finally he looked at me and said “This can’t possibly work, it’s too simple”.

The truth is the 360 Siphon only appears to be simple, but in reality it’s a very complex device that took 5 long years to develop and perfect.  Every angle, curve and dimension contributes to its effectiveness.  Changing anything reduces its ability to create the updraft needed to remove the holding tank odors and gases.  And it accomplishes this with no moving parts that can fail.

So then I suggested that he go to my website and watch the 3 minute video of Gary Bunzer, the “RV Doctor”, demonstrating the 360 Siphon with the Fog Machine.  I then recommended that he Google “360 siphon rv odors” and read what others have to say about our Device.  And finally, I informed him that Forest River, Pioneer Coach, Newell Coach and Dynamax are installing thousands of 360 Siphons on their new RVs because they’re convinced they work.

Three days later the man contacted me and asked if he could buy two 360 Siphon vent caps.

You can buy other replacement vent cap fume extractors that look complicated and  have moving parts, but the 360 Siphon proves that Simple is Best.

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