An ODOR FREE RV – A Healthier Place To Be, Especially for Kids and Seniors

This past November, I was traveling cross country in my RV, and while stopping for fuel, I struck up a conversation with a young couple and their little boy.  Their 7 year old son loved to go camping and was excitedly asking me lots of questions about my RV and where I was going.  When the boy and his mother went inside to buy some food, the father told me his story.  For the past 3 summers, he would rent a travel trailer and take the family camping.  The little boy loved these trips and always looked forward to the next one.  Then he told me that after each vacation the boy would be sick for 3 or 4 days with flu like symptoms that their doctor couldn’t diagnose. They couldn’t figure out what the problem was and had sadly decided to discontinue the tradition that their son so much enjoyed. We discussed holding tank odors, but he dismissed it because he and his wife never felt sick.  At that point the boy and his mother returned with bags of food, and as they piled into their car, the little boy smiled and waved good bye.

As they drove off I thought back to my first RV and remembered that I was often sick with flu like symptoms just like the little boy.  Fortunately, I associated my feeling ill with the holding tank odors and researched the subject on the internet. There I learned that holding tank odor (sewer gas) is known as Hydrogen Sulfide.  It’s not just unpleasant; it’s extremely toxic and can make you feel very sick with symptoms too numerous to list here.  After I replaced both my stack pipe vent caps with the 360 Siphon, I never had another problem with odors, or feeling sick again.  Plus I continue to save money by not using holding tank deodorizers.

Then I got to thinking why did the holding tank odors make both the little boy and me sick, but not the young parents.  The reason is that both children and seniors are more likely to be affected by toxic fumes than young adults with strong immune systems.  Adding holding tank deodorizers may make the odors smell less offensive, but they do nothing to remove the Hydrogen Sulfide and the toxic effect it has on you.  So folks, remember the importance of removing holding tank odors from your RV with the 360 Siphon, and don’t just cover them up with deodorizers.  If you can smell holding tank deodorizers, you’re still breathing Hydrogen Sulfide.   An Odor Free RV is a healthier place to be for everyone, but especially for Kids and Seniors.

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