An Experiment That Amazed Even Me – Never Do This Without the 360 Siphon

It’s January and I’m currently in beautiful Bullhead City, Arizona.  From my RV, I can see swaying palm trees, the Colorado River, and the inviting lights of the casinos in Laughlin, Nevada.  The weather is warm, the skies are blue, BUT the wind seldom ever stops.

I spent the winter here four years ago in my first RV that I had bought used.  Although it was in like-new condition, the constant wind caused it to fill with terrible holding tank odors.  That’s when I first discovered the 360 Siphon, and after I replaced both vent caps, I never had an odor problem again.

So now, 4 years later, I’m back in Bullhead City with the same warm weather, the same blue skies, AND the same wind.  My new RV has 360 Siphons on both stack pipes, I’m not using any chemicals, and I have absolutely no holding tank odors.

But I’m a curious kind of guy, so I wanted to see just how far I could push the effectiveness of the 360 Siphon before it would allow holding tank odors to enter my RV.  So this is what I did.

I picked a warm, sunny day that was 57 degrees, with wind gusts up to 25-30 MPH.  My black water holding tank was ¾ full with no chemicals.  I shut off the water supply to the toilet, then used a heavy weight to hold down the flush pedal, leaving the gate to the holding tank wide open. With the seat and lid in the upright position, and all of the vents and windows closed, I left to run some errands and didn’t return for 4 hours.  When I got back to the RV I truly expected to smell something, but instead it was absolutely Odor Free.  Even I was amazed.

With conventional vent caps, the harder the wind blows, the greater the chance the holding tanks will become pressurized, and cause the RV to fill with odors.  With the 360 Siphon, just the opposite is true.  The harder the wind blows, the stronger the updraft that pulls air up and out of the holding tank, and the less likely you will be exposed to odors and toxic gas.

The success of this experiment still leaves the question, “how much farther can I push the effectiveness of the 360 Siphon before it allows odors to enter my RV?”

I invite you the reader to do your own experiment and let me know your results.

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