A Salute to RV Businesses Who Make Your Health a Priority

Not long ago I spoke with two men who make their living in the RV industry. One owned a large RV Dealership, and the other owned a Mobile RV Repair business. I wrote about them in my article titled “Why RV Dealers REALLY Like Selling You Chemicals”. Both men acknowledged that they preferred to treat their customers as “Repeat Revenue” by constantly selling them holding tank chemicals and cleaning services, rather than permanently solving their odor and health problem.

Their attitude Ignores the proven health risks that RV owners have by breathing holding tank odors and gases, and second, it Exposes the lack of concern that many in the RV industry have for their customer’s well-being.

Fortunately for all of us, there is a growing number of RV Businesses that are now taking the RV odor problem, and your health, very seriously. These businesses understand that RV owners should not have to be adding expensive, and often times toxic, chemicals to their holding tanks; that they should not have to smell holding tank odors; and most importantly, they should not be breathing Hydrogen Sulfide gases that exist in all holding tanks. They understand that the best way to eliminate holding tank odors and toxic gases is to ventilate them up and out through the roof by installing the 360 Siphon vent cap.

More and more Manufacturers are now installing the 360 Siphon as standard equipment at the factory.  The few dollars that it costs them is far cheaper than what it would cost the consumer to install them later. These Manufacturers are looking beyond their own short term profits and are accepting their moral obligation to do their part to ensure the health and well-being of their customers.

All of us involved with the 360 Siphon would like to salute this growing number of health conscious RV Manufacturers by providing a list of their names on our website so that you can appreciate and patronize them now, and in the future. Simply go to our parent website at,

Someday all RV’s will be manufactured as “Odor Free”. But until then you’re able to purchase the 360 Siphon for your current RV, by going on-line or through any RV Dealer or Service Center who uses COAST DISTRIBUTION. Their part numbers are: White 360 Siphon is 63204Black 360 Siphon is 63839. Not in stock? Just ask them to order it for you using the above part numbers.

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