Read my ArticlesThis site is sponsored by 360 Products and was launched in early January of 2013. Our goal is to provide a place where the subject of proper and healthy Recreational Vehicle waste management can be discussed, new technology and innovations such as the 360 Siphon and the Wastemaster dump systems that are now available can be brought to the forefront and information can be exchanged by all involved in the RV experience. We welcome comments from all participants in the RV lifestyle including Vacation Campers, Full Timers, Park workers, Parts & Service staff, Dealers, Manufacturers, Designers and Engineers. Some posts will be referred to our resident technical expert Gary Bunzer, "The RV Doctor", for reply or comment.

Odor Elimination 101 - Why your new RV has the same issue as your old one.

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Pictured above, the late John Meyer.

This site was started by and is dedicated to the memory of John Meyer. John just wanted to give his fellow RV’ers some honest and enlightened information on waste management to try and make their own RV experience an “Odor Free” one. His technical knowledge and ever present sense of humor shines through in the series of articles contained in this site.
John passed away in September of 2015 but we hope his insights will continue to benefit his fellow RV’ers which was all he wanted to do.

As John would say, “Thanks for stopping by.”